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Greeting from the CEO

We develop visionary products that brighten, inspire, and enhance people's lives. To achieve this, we pride ourselves on working with the utmost sincerity, honesty, and modesty; while always staying positive and maintaining gratitude. In addition, we employ the 'Sanpo-yoshi' principle ('Benefit for all three sides') to dedicate our best efforts to our customers, employees, partners, and the local community.
We began our operations in 1993, engaging in the development of automobile parts with a priority on enhancing customer satisfaction. We have been working on orders from our clients with a continuous attention to detail under the ''focused and deep work'' policy.
We became incorporated in 1998 and from that point expanded our area of work to meet our customers' needs. Since then we've expanded our business from wire harness design to exterior/interior plastic parts, seat design, functional parts, prototype fabrication, personal mobility development, embedded control system development, powder modeling (3D printing), mass production manufacturing, CFRP development, nursing care equipment development, academic-industry partnership with universities, and aircraft equipment development/manufacturing. Numerous industries rely on us now as we have expanded our area of expertise under the ''focused and deep work'' policy.
For a corporation to continue its operations permanently, we believe that the people who work there must learn, share, and foster a moral life. We will continue dedicating ourselves to being a company that consumers will rely on and appreciate working with.

Hisamitsu Harada
Chief Executive Officer
Hisamitsu Harada


We dedicate ourselves to providing both material and intellectual growth to all our employees, while creating happy, joyful, and spiritually rich lives for the region, the world, and all people through product development.


  Our top priority is to improve customer satisfaction.
  We strive to meet customer orders promptly and accurately.
  We provide the working environment where our employees can freely make suggestions.
We will conform to both social and company rules to meet the demands and expectations from our customers, business partners, employees, and local communities.


It is to identify new problems, new shapes, and new methods before anyone else ever finds them.


  We must respect others to grow together.
  We must keep our promises to gain trust and do not betray others.
  We must be honest, modest, and positive, and always be appreciative to bring better luck.
  We must always think about improvement and refinement, and challenge new things to increase our capability.
  When asking for advice, we must always begin by saying "I want to do this" instead of "what should I do?" to learn from work.
  We must take a good care of our colleagues to achieve great results through teamwork.


Company Name   Harada Vehicle Design Co. Ltd
Founded   June 1, 1998 (Started business on October 1, 1993)
Capital   30 million yen
Number of Employees   92 (As of February 2015)
Chief Executive Officer 原田 久光   Hisamitsu Harada
- 1993 Started Harada Vehicle Design as a sole proprietorship
- 1998 Founded Harada Vehicle Design Limited Liability Company, appointed Chief Executive Officer
- 2006 Chief Executive Officer of Harada Vehicle Design Co. Ltd
Director 原田 祐子   Yuko Harada
- 1998 Director and Financial Officer of Harada Vehicle Design Limited Liability Company
- 2006 Director and Financial Officer of Harada Vehicle Design Co. Ltd
Outside Director 狹間 容子   Yoko Hazama
- 2005 Chief Executive Officer of Chubu Ekiyu Co. Ltd
- 2010 Chief Executive Officer of Osaka Naigai Ekiyu Co. Ltd
- 2014 Outside Director of Harada Vehicle Design Co. Ltd
Auditor 永津 洋之   Hiroyuki Nagatsu
- 1995 Chief Executive Officer of Chubu Ekiyu Co. Ltd
- 2004 Chief Executive Officer of Osaka Naigai Ekiyu Co. Ltd
- 2014 Auditor at Harada Vehicle Design Co. Ltd
Business Activities   Control system development (software), Design and development (automobile parts, aircraft, nursing care equipment), Design subcontracting (consigned development), Fabrication (prototype, mass production, quality control), Engineer staffing (Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings, TOKU23-305209)
Banks   Hekikai Shinkin Bank (Miyoshi Branch), The Juroku Bank (Hoshigaoka Branch), Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Miyoshi Branch)
Main Clients   Aishin Seiki, Kojima Industries, Toray Industries, Toyota Motor, Toyota Auto Body, Toyota Boshoku, Toyoda Gosei, Yazaki Parts

Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

  We reject any business interactions with anti-social groups.
  On the chance that we learn that any individual or company who we are associated with have connections to these anti-social groups, we will take the appropriate measures towards the swift elimination of business with these individuals/companies.
  We will reject any demands from anti-social groups. If such a demand were to arise, we will take all civil or criminal legal actions.

Nakazima24, Miyoshicho, Miyoshi-shi, Aichi, 470-0224, Japan
TEL:+81-561-34-6638 FAX:+81-561-34-6545

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